French classes


You don’t have to speak French fluently to join Friends of Marcq – our members are enthusiastic about communicating in French but have very varied levels of ability. However if you want to improve your language skills you should join one of the French classes in Ealing run for Friends of Marcq members. These are held under the expert tuition of Michelle Pickard, a native French speaker with many years’ experience of teaching adults.

The year is divided into three terms of around 11-12 weeks each, with weekday classes that last for 2 hours. Payment is in advance but on a rolling basis: there is no financial penalty for missing a class.

For more information on classes contact Yvonne Little on 020 8567 2955.


Optimized-Group on benchIn addition to French classes in Ealing, there is also a “stage intensif” held in Marcq every year, usually in March. Participants stay with local families and attend classes on three days of the four-day long weekend. As well as socialising with their hosts, there is a final evening of celebrations for course participants and members of Les Amis d’Ealing. Similarly, again usually in March and two weeks apart from the “stage intensif”, French participants in the Intensive English weekend are hosted by Friends of Marcq members in London. In this way close friendships have developed over the years between members of the two associations.